Dry Desert



Sheila Mictackic had gone missing one afternoon when she was elevenand had not been seen again. Her brother, George, had told when she went to school that morning that if anything happened to her, he would not stop looking for her until Hell freezes over.


He found her 25 years later, a prisoner of the gang he was pursuing. He restored her health and beauty, but she could not tell him what had happened to her or where she had been all that time. He called his team together and they began to open her memories. A man had abducted her and put her into the white slave trade. He determined to find that man if he still lived. To do so, he formed a team of four eleven-year-old girls willing to go on the internet and talk to anyone. They did not have to invite pedophiles-just being there would attract the men he wanted to put out of business, and perhaps find the one man in particular that he wanted.

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George Mictackic, better know by his nickname Mista, is hired by a biotech research company as network engineer. He is sent to northern Georgia and told that his real job is to find the root cause of dissatisfaction among researchers and to facilitate their current project. The administrative assistant Sharra Darkling also travels to the site to help coordinate his efforts. They find that the current project will never be completed by the required date, and that there are strange things going on behind the scenes. Mista teams up with the security manager and they find a plot to destroy the research center. Before they finish their investigation, their lives are threatened, they discover and rescue a girl about to be sacrificed in a witches’ coven, fight a crooked sheriff, and are almost drowned in a lake on the property. They form a group with lasting bonds.

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Mista and his investigators have identified the pedophile they are hunting, but his immense wealth makes it difficult to prove their case. But when he captures two of Mista's girls, they are able to track him down and put an end to his evil empire.

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      Mista organizes a group explore a legend of the formation of an inland sea, the Mistal Sea. The legend states that an ancient capital of the region lies at the bottom of the sea, and that treasure and magic artifacts might be found there. A mysterious person is also searching for this city, but his method is to drain the sea. As Mista and his friends get closer to their goal, the stranger mounts more and more vicious attacks to prevent them. In the process Cato momCato grows from a barbarian warrior into a season war leader. In the struggle to find the lost city, the band forms bonds that will last for years, and a derelict teen-age girl finds acceptance in the eyes of others.

Desert Ruins by Ernie Moulton

        When Charly Talljohn was ten, she watched in horror as a band of marauders rode into her village and killed every person there and burned the village to the ground.  A group of seven people came by and  took her into their band as one of their own. She says, “I’m going to be a paladin when I grow up. I’ll fight evil like that until the day I die.” Now her Paladin training is finished and the group is sent on a mission in the desert,  to find the daughter of a prominent desert sheik who has gone missing. Desert Ruins is about Charly learning to be an adult and the support she received from her home group.

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